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Most of us work on and off most of the day and night 24/7.  One of the things we have to help clients and potential clients is a promotional products and decorated apparel search site.  The address is and it is available to all.   As a tool it is great way to help kick start ideas or you can look for something more specific.  Easy to use, we encourage you to give it a try.  If you see something, you can either place a sample request or send us an email to get a firmer price quote right on the site.  You can always give us a call here at Idzyne  408 278-8900.   We pride ourselves on being a little out of the box and we did just that when contracted to handle retail for our client, Adobe at their Adobe Max User Conference in LA.  We found someone able to direct print on high top Converse shoes utilizing multiple colors.  So we brought a couple dozen and took pre-orders for specific sizes right at the show.   We were hoping for the wow factor because of the high retail but they were a hit and we sold out and then some.  In fact we are still taking orders if you know of anyone.  Check it out at  

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