IDzyne Marketing – Out of the Box Promotional Products

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IDzyne Marketing – Out of the Box Promotional Products

The use of Office Supply or Online only Promotional Products providers can be very easy and convenient when the need is simple and straight forward.  This is not always the case.  Many people like to see samples of the product.  They appreciate the help and advice of experience when making a choice.  It is also more helpful when multiple items are needed that are either  targeted, need to be combined, custom packaged, drop shipped or require shipping to hotels or convention centers that often require direct contact and ongoing tracking directly with the Hotel or the Show Management people.  Rush orders and interesting Executive Gifts can be two more good reasons.

The best reason is the guarantee for satisfaction, the accountability and the experience of working with people who get to know and understand your Brand and Brand Guidelines.  Not everyone likes to be bothered by pesky salespeople.  At IDzyne we want to be available to you when you need us.  Our goal is to help you secure the ability to gain the best impression or ROI attainable within your budget.

The other plus is the fact that we offer collateral services like Graphics Design and Production, Fulfillment, Print, Collateral, Show Guides, Directional Signage, Trade Show related needs like Badging, Table Drapes, Pop Ups, Booth signage, Bags, Embroidered Shirts, Screened T-shirts, etc.  We offer e-commerce marketing needs both short and long term.  At IDzyne, we try to stay on top of what and where to find the latest and hottest product much of which can be creatively sourced and can be considered outside the box because we source all over the world.  Many examples of this can be seen on our website at and at  We have 20 years experience having previously owned Flying Logo and we are located in Silicon Valley.  Clients range from the big and famous to start ups, schools, universities and nonprofits.  IDzyne also has a Product Search site available to all located at  Give us a shout the next time you want some help with your next event.

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