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Request for Proposal creation, production and execution, blah, blah, blah.  Many of us do RFP’s but have you noticed that some win more than their share of these?  Many people think of Promotional Products as just simply a commodity business that involves selection, decoration and transaction and quite frankly if all you need is a two color pen, t-shirt or a mug for example, it can probably be fairly straight forward with price being the higher priority.  Impact and ROI create many more instances where experience, creativity, and ability to execute become equally important aspects. It starts with process, dividing out the tasks and doing the research.  Research needs to include what has been done or tried in the recent past.  It needs to involve a better understanding of brand and brand guidelines.  Expectations, find out who the target audience or audiences are.  Production, we have  created templates as a form of boilerplate to cover the basics.  Too many rely heavily on way too many of these.  At IDzyne we enhance or tweak some of these to the individual client and their needs based on  experience, knowledge and research.  Every RFP is a little different and deserves more focus.  We divide the tasks among Creative with their design and production people, among the account lead and that group and among your customer service or specialty group or groups like Ecommerce or Store Merchandising as an example if that is what is being called for.  The actual design element should match the client and what is being presented.  It adds polish and professionalism. Another example is copy writing.  It is important to add depth and detail when highlighting experience or a skill.  Many of our RFP’s have to do with Fulfillment and Ecommerce stores.  For most written presentations, Fulfillment is simply described as the way products get delivered and not much else.  Thanks to Amazon, Fulfillment has evolved to much more than this. “Our goal is to try and utilize multiple access points to represent a logical and progressive direction for the overall management while offering improved cost savings on inventory, inventory management, global logistics and distribution of marketing items.”  Now that the world is flat, partnerships can be established that can provide ongoing benefits. Execution, at least to begin with is the finished written product whether created in house and presented as a package or is done online as may specifically be requested.  If allowed to put something together, IDzyne will use imagination when packaging the presentation for each recipient.  We take every opportunity to make an impression whenever and wherever possible without going overboard.  You don’t get past the written request unless you prove to be a worthy enough option to be selected to present.  The initial goal is to be asked to present in person. If selected to present, we create visuals to engage the audience and explain the creative to match the research.  It should be well thought out and rehearsed.  IDzyne will also make sure to fully cover all the basics, to include small merchandising details and logistics to highlight execution capability.  There are times where what we choose to present in the RFP may not be the actual item executed if selected.  It is more about being able to explain our thinking with respect to what was asked or interpreted and then demonstrating capability and experience to execute. Remember Impact and a better ROI can enhance execution for a greater expectation.

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