Custom Promotional Packaging and Embellishment

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Custom Promotional Packaging and Embellishment

Packaging can often be as important if not more important than the gift or article enclosed.  It is about impression and elevating the significance or message that surrounds the enclosed.  Promotional Products vendors are cognizant of this and it may need to be a part of the consideration with respect to product or related marketing choice.  But there are definitely times when it requires a more creative stand alone custom option and even more prevalent is the ability to better surround multiple items.

Custom packaging may require added funds or an allocated portion of the budget but is something worth thinking about when impression is important.  Custom packaging need  is common for executive gifts, conference gifts, awards, HR Kits, annual President’s Club, themed or holiday events, press kits, etc.

Promotional products almost always involve at least one form of decoration.  Garments like polo shirts or jackets provide a good option for added embellishment to add significance.  Bagged, custom boxed, sew on tags, specially placed custom hang tags are a few of the more common additional articles created for decorated wearable’s that may add impression or a way to help promote emphasis, additional messaging or co-op sponsors.

I.D.Zyne takes pride in their creative ability to help you add impression when there is a need for specially designed packaging.  You can see some good examples on our Facebook page at id-zyne-marketing or you can visit for a recent example.  So remember to consider packaging in your budget if you are looking to make an impression.