Creative Partner Choice

December 12, 2011 | Filed Under Uncategorized | 57 Comments

There are a great many sources for promotional products help.  Branders, Staples, Zazzle and the larger companies get the lion’s share of requests and deservedly so.  They are large and able to handle many orders.  And when choice is less important, they are especially good when you know you need a specific mug or a pen order with a single three color imprint. 

However if you are someone who knows that you need and want more, something that is either more special, hard to find, unique, requires special or custom designed packaging, includes combined items or needs to be something within your budget that can more readily stand up or out against others either visually or from an ROI perspective, etc., than you need to contact someone like IDzyne.  Don’t get me wrong, we are glad to have the simple straight forward orders and reorders with good lead time.  Personally as the Manager, I could only wish we could have more of these.  It just isn’t that easy very often. Price wise, we are fair and compete because of our years of experience we source well beyond the normal industry channels.  IDzyne is known for taking on the more challenging requests for things like rush, for special custom packaging, or if it requires special handling and multi item combinations or multi packaged and fulfilled orders involving drop ships.  All will be things we probably helped you come up with.  More importantly, we are knowledgeable people who can help make you look good because we are creative with experience and can tell you more about why it is or why it isn’t such a good idea when it matters? 

Our customers come from all over and range from the biggest and the brightest to nonprofits and startups. Our business is growing, we are moving to larger facilities this January.   Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.