The MacGyver of Promotional Marketing works at IDzyne

July 26, 2011 | Filed Under Uncategorized | 11 Comments

MacGyver was an ingeniously creative TV character from the late 80’s who always managed to find items that could be combined to get out of dangerous “do or die” situations.  Marcia Obsniuk, with IDzyne and the Flying Logo Sisters before that, is the Promotional MacGyver for her similar reputation for coming up with creative 3D advertising ideas which also, from time to time, involve the slightly different but equally dangerous element of “do or die” as it applies to both deadlines and impact.

I am sure her more regular clients and suppliers will agree as they read this because they know.  She has been devising and creating deliverables for B2B clients here in Silicon Valley for several years.  So if you know you need something big, something more impactful, or you just need some things a little out of the ordinary for your next special project or multi faceted event, send her an email at to set up a meet.