Mind share, collaboration, determination. Reasons to partner with Idzyne

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Mind share, collaboration, determination. Some of the reasons we partner so well with customers like Atmel.  A great client who believes in the power of customer appreciation.


At Idzyne we take pride in delivering where others may say no.

As is evident in this glowing blog post by http://tminusarduino.blogspot.com/


We received a request from Atmel  hoping to send stickers to a customer in the mid-west. No request too small for our customers and his package was shipped the same day. Customer received the goods and then took the time to glow about the experience.


All through the power of social media.

We invite you to share your Idzyne stories at



or tweet away @idzynemarketing

Branded merchandise, education, ROI, and more from Idzyne

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Educating and helping to improve ROI using branded merchandise


Not everyone loves or uses promotional products to the same degree.  But most everyone at some point will want some form of a uniform, embroidered button down or polo shirts, they may need awards, executive gifts, new employee kits, marketing materials, trade show badges, lanyards, show bags, a padfolio with a pen, t-shirts or some other form of take away within budget.  Maybe its something warmer for an offsite like an embroidered fleece.  If they are managing events they may also need or use directional signage, popups, stands or banners.


The School of Swag is important training for anyone who buys and regularly utilizes branded merchandise in their job.  This is an opportunity to find out insider information that will give you a comprehensive understanding of the industry and how to apply this knowledge to obtain cost savings, save time and create best practices for your company.


We have done a few of these for clients.  Idzyne can also do this in a half day version for a fee if interested.  Email idea@idzyne.com for questions.  For a small sampling of recent more interesting projects, go to idzyne.com/rock or idzyne.com/Adobe-Converse


Who Should Attend?


Marketing Managers                        Purchasing Managers

Product Managers                            Advertising Agency Personnel

Administrative Assistants                Trade Show & Event Managers/Coordinators




Basic facts about the business of branded merchandise

  • Explanation of industry affiliations and associations
  • How they work and why.
  • Why it matters to you.


How to optimize branded merchandise for the best return

  • How promotions can make significant impact to your goals.
  • Why your purchases must reflect the company brand vision
  • How to measure the success of the spend.
  • Project your ROI before you buy


What you need to know to get quotes and make knowledgeable purchases

  • Samples
  • Product Availability
  • Artwork
  • Proofs
  • Overs/Unders
  • Shipping
  • Payment Terms
  • Order cancellation


Order management

  • Entry
  • Follow-up
  • Invoicing
  • Freight check
  • Packing slips
  • Work back schedules




Imprinting Methods

  • Offset printing
  • Digital
  • Screen Printing
  • Foil stamping
  • Pad printing
  • Embroidery
  • Engraving
  • Die Striking


  • Logo replication and accuracy
  • Color matching, do’s and don’ts
  • Design and layout


How to select the right promotional partner

  • Price v. Value add
  • Special pricing and how to get it
  • Creativity and why you need it
  • How to partner with someone that knows your specific needs
    • Channel marketing
    • Trade shows and events
    • HR, Employee recruitment and retention
    • Safety
    • Product Release
    • Press Kits


ROI- How to creatively integrate products into programs that have impact


How to make real Eco-conscious purchases that have meaning


Importing- When to do it and when not to


Incentives (Different and the same as Promotional Products)


RFP’s – The how and what to ask to get real savings

Adobe Converse and idzynenow.com

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Most of us work on and off most of the day and night 24/7.  One of the things we have to help clients and potential clients is a promotional products and decorated apparel search site.  The address is http://www.idzynenow.com/ and it is available to all.   As a tool it is great way to help kick start ideas or you can look for something more specific.  Easy to use, we encourage you to give it a try.  If you see something, you can either place a sample request or send us an email to get a firmer price quote right on the site.  You can always give us a call here at Idzyne  408 278-8900.   We pride ourselves on being a little out of the box and we did just that when contracted to handle retail for our client, Adobe at their Adobe Max User Conference in LA.  We found someone able to direct print on high top Converse shoes utilizing multiple colors.  So we brought a couple dozen and took pre-orders for specific sizes right at the show.   We were hoping for the wow factor because of the high retail but they were a hit and we sold out and then some.  In fact we are still taking orders if you know of anyone.  Check it out at http://www.idzyne.com/Adobe-Converse  

IDzyne Marketing – Out of the Box Promotional Products

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IDzyne Marketing – Out of the Box Promotional Products

The use of Office Supply or Online only Promotional Products providers can be very easy and convenient when the need is simple and straight forward.  This is not always the case.  Many people like to see samples of the product.  They appreciate the help and advice of experience when making a choice.  It is also more helpful when multiple items are needed that are either  targeted, need to be combined, custom packaged, drop shipped or require shipping to hotels or convention centers that often require direct contact and ongoing tracking directly with the Hotel or the Show Management people.  Rush orders and interesting Executive Gifts can be two more good reasons.

The best reason is the guarantee for satisfaction, the accountability and the experience of working with people who get to know and understand your Brand and Brand Guidelines.  Not everyone likes to be bothered by pesky salespeople.  At IDzyne we want to be available to you when you need us.  Our goal is to help you secure the ability to gain the best impression or ROI attainable within your budget.

The other plus is the fact that we offer collateral services like Graphics Design and Production, Fulfillment, Print, Collateral, Show Guides, Directional Signage, Trade Show related needs like Badging, Table Drapes, Pop Ups, Booth signage, Bags, Embroidered Shirts, Screened T-shirts, etc.  We offer e-commerce marketing needs both short and long term.  At IDzyne, we try to stay on top of what and where to find the latest and hottest product much of which can be creatively sourced and can be considered outside the box because we source all over the world.  Many examples of this can be seen on our website at www.idzyne.com and at facebook.com/id-zyne-marketing.  We have 20 years experience having previously owned Flying Logo and we are located in Silicon Valley.  Clients range from the big and famous to start ups, schools, universities and nonprofits.  IDzyne also has a Product Search site available to all located at www.idzynenow.com.  Give us a shout the next time you want some help with your next event.

Custom Promotional Packaging and Embellishment

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Custom Promotional Packaging and Embellishment

Packaging can often be as important if not more important than the gift or article enclosed.  It is about impression and elevating the significance or message that surrounds the enclosed.  Promotional Products vendors are cognizant of this and it may need to be a part of the consideration with respect to product or related marketing choice.  But there are definitely times when it requires a more creative stand alone custom option and even more prevalent is the ability to better surround multiple items.

Custom packaging may require added funds or an allocated portion of the budget but is something worth thinking about when impression is important.  Custom packaging need  is common for executive gifts, conference gifts, awards, HR Kits, annual President’s Club, themed or holiday events, press kits, etc.

Promotional products almost always involve at least one form of decoration.  Garments like polo shirts or jackets provide a good option for added embellishment to add significance.  Bagged, custom boxed, sew on tags, specially placed custom hang tags are a few of the more common additional articles created for decorated wearable’s that may add impression or a way to help promote emphasis, additional messaging or co-op sponsors.

I.D.Zyne takes pride in their creative ability to help you add impression when there is a need for specially designed packaging.  You can see some good examples on our Facebook page at id-zyne-marketing or you can visit www.idzyne.com/Google-Promotion for a recent example.  So remember to consider packaging in your budget if you are looking to make an impression.

Creative Partner Choice

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There are a great many sources for promotional products help.  Branders, Staples, Zazzle and the larger companies get the lion’s share of requests and deservedly so.  They are large and able to handle many orders.  And when choice is less important, they are especially good when you know you need a specific mug or a pen order with a single three color imprint. 

However if you are someone who knows that you need and want more, something that is either more special, hard to find, unique, requires special or custom designed packaging, includes combined items or needs to be something within your budget that can more readily stand up or out against others either visually or from an ROI perspective, etc., than you need to contact someone like IDzyne.  Don’t get me wrong, we are glad to have the simple straight forward orders and reorders with good lead time.  Personally as the Manager, I could only wish we could have more of these.  It just isn’t that easy very often. Price wise, we are fair and compete because of our years of experience we source well beyond the normal industry channels.  IDzyne is known for taking on the more challenging requests for things like rush, for special custom packaging, or if it requires special handling and multi item combinations or multi packaged and fulfilled orders involving drop ships.  All will be things we probably helped you come up with.  More importantly, we are knowledgeable people who can help make you look good because we are creative with experience and can tell you more about why it is or why it isn’t such a good idea when it matters? 

Our customers come from all over and range from the biggest and the brightest to nonprofits and startups. Our business is growing, we are moving to larger facilities this January.   Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.

The MacGyver of Promotional Marketing works at IDzyne

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MacGyver was an ingeniously creative TV character from the late 80’s who always managed to find items that could be combined to get out of dangerous “do or die” situations.  Marcia Obsniuk, with IDzyne and the Flying Logo Sisters before that, is the Promotional MacGyver for her similar reputation for coming up with creative 3D advertising ideas which also, from time to time, involve the slightly different but equally dangerous element of “do or die” as it applies to both deadlines and impact.

I am sure her more regular clients and suppliers will agree as they read this because they know.  She has been devising and creating deliverables for B2B clients here in Silicon Valley for several years.  So if you know you need something big, something more impactful, or you just need some things a little out of the ordinary for your next special project or multi faceted event, send her an email at  idea@idzyne.com to set up a meet.

Reliable Promo Vendors – It is more than selection, decoration and transaction.

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I mean let’s face it; you can always find something for less. If you are one of those people with the time and the need to get things cheaper, it can be done. Experienced purchasers who have a regular need and have purchased promo items for a while will rely on having an experienced, creative, reliable, consistent source who prices fairly. Two of the things doityourselfers learn quickly are inconsistency and the lack of guarantees.

It takes time to build up a good vendor relationship that will provide terms, offer guarantees, provide good creative, and will handle or try to handle all rush requests. This applies to all situations. In the end, it is about the ability to consistently help create, produce, and manage all details, packaging and logistics each and every time. You only have to fail once on your own to begin to understand the importance of having a good reliable promo vendor.

IDzyne Marketing is a new Promotional Products vendor here in Silicon Valley. It was started by the former owners of the Flying Logo Sisters who have more than 20 years of experience. Got a question or want our opinion, send it to idea@idzyne.com.  Happy to help.